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11 years ago on a Tuesday

I still clearly remember where I was, who my students were, which teachers sat with me during lunch in shock, terrified for Stephen who was working at the Memphis commercial airport and saw the sky falling with airplanes that had to land within hours, and thinking how we had just flown home from our honeymoon. I remember the days and weeks of being glued to the TV, the dinners eaten on laps watching TV, the depression, the sadness, the loss, the fear for our country and our military that knew they were about to be called up.

I remember our country coming together. And over the past 11 years, watching it slowly split apart.

Never forget. Hug your loved ones. Be thankful for another day. And don’t for a second think we are safer now than we were then.

At the words of a friend of mine, do something constructive today in memory of those who lost their lives…that day or the days and years after. Be proud of our country no matter what side of the political aisle you sit.

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